Photographic Art:

Jennifer has always seen herself as a Artist that's main medium, or focus is photography. We live in a digital age so the importance of the tangible, the real, the physical is very important to Jennifer as a Artist and Photographer. So making prints, either digital or dark room prints, handmade photo books and creating something from the photographs she takes is essential for her. Thus she makes photographic art.

***Prints can be framed, mounted or on canvas. From as small as 2.3x3.5 to as large as you want to. Thinking about a special gift for someone, why not a hand crafted photo book. Maybe even add a box to make a beautiful keepsake item. What ever you are thinking Jennifer will be there to take beautiful photographs and help make any prints or precious keepsake items for you. All of these things can be discussed before, during or after a photo session with her. *****

*The Artist shop is where you can find:

The password to the PATRON PRIVATE blog,

Prints of Jennifer's Fine Art photography, photographic art,

handmade photo books, handmade books,

handmade boxes and soon she will add some of her paintings. *

Book Art:

Jennifer took a book making class and fell deeply in love with book making. She really likes to make photo books but can also make art books, journals and boxes that are all handmade by the artist herself.