Lucidity 2016

Last April I decided to impulsively buy tickets for me and my sister to this festival called Lucidity. So it was a no brainer to make it out for our 2nd Lucidity. Sadly our homies from the previous year decided to do LIB but I feel they were there at Lucidity in spirit as we tried to camp in a specific camp (warriors way) and found our selves having to camp in lover nest in the exact spot we camped the previous year with them, it's funny how things work out.

So two hours in to the drive from Oakland to Lucidity festival I got a call from my friend who was taking care of my cats and my aunts dog. My aunt who has had cancer all my life, it's currently spread into her knee and she can't walk well these days. (She's drastically deteriorated in the last month and half. My mom also passed away when I was 13 from cancer so this is all really like deju vu) I guess it was really bad and she had my friend call an ambulance. Part of me wanted to turn around at that moment and go home to be with her. But I know she would have felt like she messed up our adventure. And my aunt help us get the rental car to go all the way to Lucidity. So we continued onward, with her in our thoughts for the whole festival. She is a strong women and a bit vain at times in the sense of, I know she is frustrated with her current situation and has a hard time receiving help. She still wants to be the active person she was. Sadly she isn't at the moment. I know my main purpose in her life is to be support, shower her with love and affection. I've been getting into the rock/gem game as I bought one a month go that is supposed to help with creativity for myself. (Then I was inspired to make these amazing flower photographs and I'll give my belief in my creativity rock credit ) So I knew I wanted to find her a rock/gem for healing. I don't think she will magically recover from getting a rock/gem. But the power of belief in things is stronger then people give credit.

Symbiosis Gathering 2015

I made it out to Symbiosis Gathering more prepared and invested in my own camp gear and set up as I knew this was going to be part of my life now. My sister came along and I introduced my boyfriend to the festival life and this being my second festival I was more out going and explored the space and people more through my lens. We camped as a group of three but made a strong connection with the two solo campers next to us we became a group of 5, then I ran into my childhood friend and her best friend while my boyfriend came across his friend from Seattle (pure coincidence) so really we became a group of 8 and it's always more fun with a bunch of homies.  I have to say having water access to swim while your dancing in heat in the summer was pure bliss and symbiosis has a very special place in my heart, I can't wait to do it again.

Lucidity 2015

Last April I decided to impulsively buy tickets for me and my sister to this festival called Lucidity. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I borrowed a tent from my friend. Spent 100$ on food and brought 2 large jugs of water. We were going to take the train all the way down to Santa Barbara, CA then catch the lucidity bus but ended up finding a ride share down and back. I ended up having a mutual friend who knew the couple we ended up riding with. We met them in the city Thursday night and slept over and woke up at 5am to get to the gates by 11am. On the drive down we were invited to camp with them since it was our first festival. I'm glad we did. We got low on food and ran out of water by the second day. We ended up being taken care of by them and their large group of friends we camped with. They taught us a lot about festival life and how to do it right. We danced all night with them and bonded. I fell in love with the festival life and culture.