Photography by Lisa Murphy Photography 2018   

"I want my photographic work to take me all over the world, to push me to try new things, to meet new people to have exciting interactions and experiences and to go on a quest for what is life, what is it to live and to be alive. I want my work to be a balance between the commercial and the artistic and always be creative. To seek, to question, to learn, to understand, to share, to teach and I wish to inspire that in others. Life is a journey and it's not about the ending but the ride, the people you met, the places you've been and the experiences you've had." - J. Pace

                Jennifer Pace was born and raised in Seattle Washington, She got her first camera ( a Minolta SRT 102) when she was eleven and took her first dark room class at thirteen, it was love at 1st print. It's been a whirlwind love affair with photography, Jennifer Moved to Oakland, California in the summer of 2013 to pursue her B.A in Fine Art Photography to attend the California College of Art. She graduated in May of 2016. Spent a bit of time in Portland OR only to make her way back home to Seattle where she currently lives.  She LOVES to travel especially for photography work and travels frequently as she a freelance photographer and artist available when you need her.

Jennifer has been exploring her love of photography and honing her craft by exploring different photographic genres but maintains a focus on portraits. She loves capturing unique images and then creating beautifully crafted artwork ( hand crafted and handmade books and portfolios are her specialty) for her clients.  Capturing your moments and bringing out the best in you is what she seeks to accomplish in every session.  Jennifer believes in building a personal relationship with every client, model, product or whoever she works with so that together, they can create timeless images that will become treasures.

“If I'd observed all the rules I'd never have got anywhere.” -Marylin Monroe

                  Jennifer focuses on portraits but loves all aspects of photography and having a camera in her hand. She is very creative and loves being a part of something so if you have an event, a wedding, engagement, a product, a portrait or just need a photographer she's always happy to be of service. 

Don't be afraid to ask, Be Daring.